Location Tracking & Task Management

Easy access to staff by push notifications on mobile device and getting a response with less disturbance.

Monitor Tasks in Real Time

No more following up on tasks status. Have a complete visibility of all running tasks and current activities of the employees in real time.

Equipment Tracking

Track your assets & equipment as they are moved from one facility to another; locate them easily when you need them using Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) of Facilitracks.


Help your staff and visitors find their way through the location with our wayfinding solution. Navigate your facility with ease and find way to equipments and rooms with ease.

Next Generation

Facilitracks™ works with a number of technologies including Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi Triangulation and Raspberry Pi which makes it affordable, faster and easier to deploy and cost efficient. Scaling Facilitracks™ solutions to another facility is as easy as plugging in maps for the new facility, deploying the monitoring devices and getting started.

Manage Better

Manage employees and facilities with a lot more control

Engaging & Easy

See a notification, respond to it immediately and move to the location for task, communicate that you are busy, let the supervisor know that the task is over all on a smartphone app.

Flexible Usage

Automate task assignment or assign visually, without randomly picking employees for tasks

Feel in Control

Remaining tasks to be assigned in a list, free employees visible in the facility

Report with ease

Report on employee activities, location and total productivity like never before

Optimise with ease

Facility usage data is now at your fingertips, optimise your resources for better.

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