Create a Smart Facility

Smart facility is about managing it easily.

Manage Facilities, Assets & Tasks in Real Time.

Facilitracks is a complete assets, equipment and resource locating system.  You also can view, manage tasks and their schedules in real time. Find the location of assets and equipment, find detailed status if it’s in use or not.

Navigate easily

Navigate easily in your facility with handy map on your smartphone. New employee, no problem you have the facility map in your fingertips. We help increase productivity.

Locate employees

Hard to find employees in the huge facility you are operating as a facility manager. We make it better by our solution.

Cool Analytics

Analytics on facility, employees, efficiency etc. are easy to find. Be efficient today and be prepared to handle the challenges ahead of time.

Employees work smarter

Pick up tasks near you, promptly respond to requests, and state that you are free. Its easier to do the tasks and be productive.

Equipments in view.. always

Get to know the location of the equipment in your facility in a second.

Equipment Tracking Features

Equipment Tracking & Locating

1. Identify & tag all the equipment with a unique ID

2. Track equipment in a facility using a SmartPhone and website

3. Alert when equipment has been moved out of a facility or not in use

4. Identify and track equipments due for maintenance by location

Real Time Locating and Task Management Features

Locate staffs easily, assign tasks and real time view of a task

1. Receive job requests from anywhere in the building

2. Locate staff who are free and closest to where the resource is required

3. Assign tasks to them & track their progress

4. View the overall density of employees on a floor in real time

5. Identify and report on heavy traffic areas on the floor

6. Monitor Dashboard reports on KPIs and measure ratios.

Find your way Around a Facility with Ease

1. Employee friendly and visitor friendly facility

3. Make your facility a social place by bringing communication and indoor location to assistance of facility users

4. Decrease dependency and FTEs required to serve to achieve the same level of customer satisfaction

5. Handle more cases by gaining an insight into real-time location of visitors, patients, staff and equipment

Facing a complicated challenge of handling tasks and managing facility?

Ask us how we can help in making your facility a smarter facility and make task management a breeze.